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School Leaver Employment Supports

At Diversity Blueprint, we help inspire and empower teenagers who lack confidence acquire the skills they need to achieve success.

We prioritise finding the right pathway for participants whether it is finding a work placement, further study or starting a macro enterprise. We believe that all individuals are unique and have gifts that can be tapped into. We work with participants using strength based approach to establish their goals and map the steps required to achieve these with support.

Our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) programs are personalised to suit individual needs. Our program delivery is done through individual, group, on-site or off-site supports. Our clients are active participants in the goal setting process.

Support sessions aim to develop the following areas:

It is important to note that each plan will be unique, based on individual needs.

  • The Discovery Record would serve to justify what further reasonable and necessary Employment Support hours would be required for the participant.

    Discovery is the foundation upon which all customisation of employment rests.

  • ➡ NDIS Capacity Building (CB) Finding and Keeping a Job funding.

    ➡ Workplace Assistance: Employment Support.

    ➡ School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES).

  • To receive SLES funding, individuals will need to have approval in a current NDIS plan, which is available for up to two years. SLES funding is available to Year 12 students to assist with their transition from school to work.

  • A SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) funded program delivers capacity building activities for participants aged 16 - 22 years old to transition from school to employment with two years of support given.

    SLES is designed for young individuals with disabilities who are in Year 12 or have recently finished school. It helps them transition to work or further education. SLES is ideal for those seeking support in finding employment, developing skills, and gaining independence during this crucial phase. It's also valuable for families and caregivers involved in the transition process.

    We deliver a one on one, extensively individualised approach for each person based on what is needed and the young person’s goals to help ease the transition.

  • We help to inspire and empower teenagers who lack confidence acquire the skills they need to achieve success.

  • Our aim is to build rapport with you as a person and with your support network as we work to ensure you achieve your goals

  • We create Individualised Plans targeted to meet your unique needs

  • Goals are clearly articulated, and you are supported with clear steps to achieve these

  • Programs are tailored to develop and grow your skills to ensure you can actively participate in the work force
  • Discovery Activities
  • Identifying and establishing your employment goals
  • Building your work-related skills and confidence
  • Building your communication skills, interview skills, resume writing, financial literacy
  • Work experience/Volunteering opportunities
  • Travel/transport planning and training
  • Support to successfully complete any study that is in progress
  • Practical hands-on real-world programs where independence skills are taught
  • Assistance with business ideation for your macro enterprise
  • School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is available for eligible Year 12 school leavers with disabilities under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • SLES is an NDIS-funded individualised service for up to two years, and may include supports to build your confidence, independent living, and vocational skills.

If you are assessed as needing more support through capacity building exercises to be able to work eight hours per week, you may be eligible for SLES to support your transition from school to work.

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