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At Diversity Blueprint, clients and their families are empowered to participate in their care planning to promote their independence and well-being.

NDIS Employment Supports

Is a flexible process designed to personalise the employment relationship between a job seeker and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both.

Development-Life Skills

We foster the development of individual life skills by providing training including public transport training and support, developing skills for the community, social and recreational participation. We empower participants by helping them gain independence, knowledge and confidence. Diversity Blueprint engages all stakeholders and participants to understand and implement set goals using the right supports while creating a sense of belonging.

Community Participation

As an NDIS provider, Diversity Blueprint will assist you to access a range of community, social and recreational activities. Our home care services aim to enable the independence and wellbeing of our clients and enhance community inclusion.


Need a break? Diversity Blueprint can take care of your loved one while you get a much-needed break. We can assist with respite care in your own home, retirement village or other facility. We also assist by ensuring that participants have access to affordable, appropriate, and secure accommodation that meets their needs.

Personal Care Support

We provide personal care supports to help clients maintain appropriate hygiene and grooming across a variety of settings. Diversity Blueprint can assist you with a range of personal care and everyday tasks, such as showering and dressing; meal planning and preparation; shopping; house and yard work. Our focus is on ensuring you can maximise your independence and live the life of your choice.

Assist / Travel Transport

Need assistance getting around? Diversity Blueprint provides safe and convenient transport services to help you in your journey. We make your mobility easier and much safer for you.

Group/Centre Activities

Diversity Blueprint offers an inclusive, safe environment that encourages participants to engage in activities independently and/or participate in workshops/group centre activities. Our Group / Centre Activities assists clients to participate in the group-based community, social and recreational activities, such as movies, arts and crafts and outdoor activities such as parks. Sign up today to enjoy a wide range of social experiences, activities and develop your skills with us.

Community Nursing Care

As proud NDIS service providers, we can now offer you nursing care. Our friendly nursing team can conduct need assessments and provide recommendations as well as deliver training and support to a team of workers to meet your specific needs.

Household Tasks

Our home care services extend to a range of support options for around the home. These include, but are not limited to cleaning, mowing, garden maintenance and other essential work that you are unable to complete yourself.

Daily Living Activities

We support our clients to manage daily tasks, undertake work or study, find housing, get involved in daily activities and make meaningful connections with family, friends or in the community to meet their goals. We do this by helping you to build the skills you need to reach your goals. We recognise that one size does not fit all, so we work with you to tailor supports to your specific needs and goals.

Exercise and Personal Training

Our qualified team provide user friendly, tailored programs to meet your needs. Your health and well-being is our top priority. Individual or group sessions are available. Call us or email us today!

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