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NDIS Employment Supports

At Diversity Blueprint, we help inspire and empower teenagers who lack confidence acquire the skills they need to achieve success.

We prioritise finding the right pathway for participants whether it is finding a work placement, further study or starting a micro enterprise. We believe that all individuals are unique and have gifts that can be tapped into. We work with participants using strength-based approach to establish their goals and map the steps required to achieve these with support.

Our NDIS Employment Supports programs are personalised to suit individual needs. Our program delivery is done through individual, group, on-site or off-site supports. Our clients are active participants in the goal setting process.

Support sessions aim to develop the following areas:

Job search supports including but not limited to:

It is important to note that each plan will be unique, based on individual needs.

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Learn Proven Strategies for Customised Employment Approach, School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) at Diversity Blueprint’s upcoming.
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