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NDIS Employment Supports

At Diversity Blueprint, we help inspire and empower teenagers who lack confidence acquire the skills they need to achieve success.

We prioritise finding the right pathway for participants whether it is finding a work placement, further study or starting a micro enterprise. We believe that all individuals are unique and have gifts that can be tapped into. We work with participants using strength-based approach to establish their goals and map the steps required to achieve these with support.

Our NDIS Employment Supports programs are personalised to suit individual needs. Our program delivery is done through individual, group, on-site or off-site supports. Our clients are active participants in the goal setting process.

Support sessions aim to develop the following areas:

Job search supports including but not limited to:

It is important to note that each plan will be unique, based on individual needs.

  • Specialised Job Customisation (Customised Employment – CE) is a flexible process designed to personalise the employment relationship between a job seeker and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both. Thus, Customised Employment:
    • is the outcome that results from an individualised, person-centred process.
    • results in a customised opportunity that will meet the needs that the individual has for employment, the conditions necessary for his or her success, and the needs that the business has for valued, contributing employees.
    • differs from the typical employment practices used by some Disability Employment Service (DES) providers and Supported Employment (ADE) job developers, which aim first to successfully place job seekers within the context of competitive hiring processes and then to provide supports as needed to maintain employment.
  • Customised Employment is a process-driven concept with four essential components:
    1. Discovery Gathering information from the job seeker and the CE support team (a group of multiple partners, including the employment specialist who all jointly take some responsibility for the job seeker’s needs; however, the job seeker is the ultimate decision-maker) to determine the job seeker's interests, skills, and preferences related to potential employment that guide the development of a customised job and/or micro-business opportunity. For people with a disability who are of working age (Year 10 and/or Aged 14 years and 9 months) and onwards, who want to prepare for their transition to employment, a discovery process (including work experience, volunteering, career development and other work exploration pathways) can be appropriately funded through the NDIS. The discovery process will identify what pathway to work best suits the skills, abilities, and interests of the individual. This information can be used to complement the work being done at the individual’s school, and guide their job creation.
    2. Job Search Planning Using the information learned about an individual job seeker in Discovery to develop a plan toward meaningful employment, determine a list of potential employers, investigate employment opportunities through the process of information interviewing and conduct an analysis of benefits.
    3. Job Development and Negotiation Working collaboratively with the individual and the employer to negotiate a customised job, the provision of supports and the terms of employment that will match the individual's interests, skills, conditions necessary for success, and specific contributions, and will fill the un-met needs of an employer.
    4. Post-Employment Support Setting up ongoing post-employment supports and monitoring the employment relationship to ensure satisfaction of both the individual and the employer.
NDIS Core Supports - Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation; Capacity Building (CB) Finding and Keeping a Job funding.
  • Supports in Employment
  • Workplace assistance
This support item provides workplace assistance that enables a participant to successfully obtain or retain employment in the open or supported labour market. This support can be supplied to any working age participant (including students reaching working age) with an employment goal.                ➡ This may include supports to: explore what work would mean for them (discovery), specialised job customisation. SLES (Youth Employment Assistance)
  • To receive NDIS Employment Support funding, individuals will need to have approval in a current NDIS plan, which is available for up to two years. Youth Employment Assistance funding is available to Year 12 and young people up to the age of 22 to assist with their transition from school to work.

  • This support can be supplied to any working age participant, including students reaching working age with an employment goal.

  • This is for participants who are employed and who are less independent in performing their work tasks or need frequent prompting and coaching to stay on track, communicate with others or manage their behaviours. 

  • We help to inspire and empower teenagers who lack confidence acquire the skills they need to achieve success.
  • Our aim is to build rapport with you as a person and with your support network as we work to ensure you achieve your goals.
  • We create Individualised Plans targeted to meet your unique needs.
  • Goals are clearly articulated, and you are supported with clear steps to achieve these.
  • Programs are tailored to develop and grow your skills to ensure you can actively participate in the work force.
  • Discovery Activities
  • Identifying and establishing your employment goals
  • Job Search Planning.
  • Job Development/Customisation and Negotiation. Informational Interviews.
  • Post-Employment Support.
  • Building your work-related skills and confidence. Building your communication skills. Work experience/Volunteering opportunities
  • Travel/transport planning and training
  • Support to successfully complete any study that is in progress
  • Practical hands-on real-world programs where independence skills are taught
  • Assistance with business ideation for your macro enterprise

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