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Transform Your Client or Teen’s future Now!

Attention Perth Parents, Support Coordinators, LACs, High School Learning Support Coordinators and VET Coordinators.

Learn Proven Strategies for

Customised Employment Approach, School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) at Diversity Blueprint’s upcoming FREE workshop!

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Why You Must Attend

The Customised Employment + SLES Information Session

If you have answered YES to any of the above, you MUST register for this FREE workshop now!

Engage directly with our Customised Employment Approach and SLES programs during our FREE workshop to understand how Diversity Blueprint can tailor supports to suit your child or client’s needs.

Introducing Diversity Blueprint’s FREE

"Customised Employment + School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) Workshop"

This workshop is an information session designed to increase your understanding of the types of employment and pathway supports available inside and outside the NDIS and to help parents / participants / school staff / support coordinators / support workers plan and prepare better to discuss employment support options for their son / daughter / students / clients during and after school with a LAC or NDIS Planner.

By Attending the Customised Employment Workshop, Your will Learn in over 90 minutes....

By Attending the Customised Employment Workshop, Your will Learn in over 90 minutes....

Meet Bridget

Learning Support Expert

Bridget has over two decades of experience teaching teens from diverse backgrounds in Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Australia. As a learning support coordinator for over 13 years, she has specialised in supporting teens with learning difficulties and understands well how she can help them achieve imaginable goals.

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What Makes Our Training Unique?

We strive to maintain a flexible approach and believe that family involvement, strong community partnerships and adequate resourcing will ensure success.

At Diversity Blueprint, we believe that all individuals have  unique abilities and gifts that can be tapped into. Our program delivery is done through individual, group, on-site or off-site support. We engage all stakeholders and participants to understand and implement set goals using the right support while creating a sense of belonging. 

Our goal is to equip teens with essential life skills to cope with transitioning to life after structured high school by building connections, challenge thinking and making a mark in their own way.
For additional support, join the mastery class or join the 1 : 1 coaching.

"Thank you so much Diversity BluePrint. Your support is such a relief. Your service is a 5 Star."
Shiela Welsh
"Your expertise is very evident.
I have seen improvements in
my daughter."
Rebecca Young
"My son becomes now more
responsive. The coaching activity
is very helping."
Leo Romarate

Frequently Asked Questions

Every teen and young adult between the ages of 16 – 25 who wants to be more focused, more motivated, gain clarity, confidence and achieve success.

Every teen and young adult who wants better results in life, better communication skills, better social skills, better finances, increased self-esteem, more motivation, and direction. This program is an introductory program for everyone who wants to get ahead in any way.

Teen Inspired Action Program is 90 minute long and is covered every Saturday from 11:00am to 12:30am over a 9-week period. Students are required to attend all sessions.

We have designed 90-minute workshops interspaced with interactive activities, brain breaks and application sessions. Light refreshments will be provided during the breaks. participants will get a chance to network at the end of each session.

Yes, we do. Our Teen inspired Action Program is a simple 3 step program over 12 months. Please refer to our Gateway to Success discovery program for further information or call us to discuss your teen’s needs.

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The coach, together with other team members will be present to assist, supervise and attend to your child. If your child requires their own support person, they are welcome to attend. Just let us know your child’s support needs.

As this is a teen group coaching program, there will be other teens. We aim to create a safe, supportive and growth focused group where your child can develop social skills, communication skills and establish friendships.

Saturday as the best day is because our teens will come to us refreshed after a week of school. We have a better chance of getting results through targeted teaching and learning that is tailored to our teen’s needs.

Focusing on the program a few hours each session over several weeks ensures we have time to really shift the participants’ mindset. This will go beyond just motivating or inspiring the teens.

Accountability checkpoints, tasking are all strategies and tools we use to reinforce the concepts the teens will learn. This will empower them through more active participation at the event, throughout the week at school and a review is done to challenge them further.

What is important to recognise though, is that your child will have more energy when they leave then when they started. This should spur them on for the challenges of the school week and they can re-charge throughout the week using strategies we teach as well as at the next session

Transform Your Client or Teen’s Future Now!


Learn Proven Strategies for Customised Employment Approach, School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) at Diversity Blueprint’s upcoming.
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